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Battery Widget


The battery features are unavailable if the binary is compiled with the battery feature disabled!

The battery widget provides information about batteries on the system.

A picture of an expanded battery widget.

The battery widget can be enabled through either the --battery flag, the battery = true option in a config file, or specifying the widget in a custom layout.


The following data is displayed for batteries:

  • Charge percent
  • Consumption
  • Time to empty/charge, based on the current state
  • Battery health percent

The battery widget also supports devices with multiple batteries, and you can switch between them using the keyboard or the mouse.

Key bindings

Note that key bindings are generally case-sensitive.

Binding Action
Moves to the battery entry to the left of the current one
Moves to the battery entry to the right of the current one

Mouse bindings

Binding Action
Left Button Selects a battery entry
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