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CPU Widget

The CPU widget displays a visual representation of CPU usage over a time range.

A picture of an expanded CPU widget showing average CPU usage.


The CPU widget is composed of two parts: the graph and the legend:

  • The graph displays the usage data for the currently selected entry as a percentage
  • The legend displays all available entries that can be displayed on the graph along with their last recorded use percentage (except for the "All" option)

Users can scroll through the legend using either the keyboard or mouse to select which entry to display on the graph. The "All" option shows every entry at the same time, though this may get a bit hard to follow if you have a large number of cores/threads.

One can also adjust the displayed time range through either the keyboard or mouse, with a range of 30s to 600s.

Key bindings

Note that key bindings are generally case-sensitive.


Binding Action
+ Zoom in on chart (decrease time range)
- Zoom out on chart (increase time range)
= Reset zoom


Binding Action
Up , k Move up within a widget
Down , j Move down within a widget
g+g , Home Jump to the first entry in the legend
G , End Jump to the last entry in the legend

Mouse bindings


Binding Action
Scroll Scrolling up or down zooms in or out of the graph respectively


Binding Action
Scroll Scroll through options to display in the graph
Left Button Selects a CPU thread/average to show in the graph
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