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Network Widget

The network widget provides a visual representation of network input and output per second, as well as noting the total amount received and transmitted.

A picture of an expanded network widget.


The legend displays the current reads and writes per second in bits, as well as the total amount read/written.

The y-axis automatically scales based on shown read/write values, and by default, is a linear scale based on base-10 units (e.x. kilobit, gigabit, etc.). Through configuration, the read/write per second unit can be changed to bytes, while the y-axis can be changed to a log scale and/or use base-2 units (e.x. kibibit, gibibit, etc.).

One can also adjust the displayed time range through either the keyboard or mouse, with a range of 30s to 600s.

Key bindings

Note that key bindings are generally case-sensitive.

Binding Action
+ Zoom in on chart (decrease time range)
- Zoom out on chart (increase time range)
= Reset zoom

Mouse bindings

Binding Action
Scroll Scrolling up or down zooms in or out of the graph respectively
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